There are several blogs which speak brilliantly about feminist perspectives and issues. The way things are right now, most of these are not Indian, and most of them (quite reasonably) speak from a different cultural orientation. India’s is a unique circumstance. if nothing else, because of the sheer size of population. if nothing else, because of the number of languages, terrains, cultures and the complex social structuring. Because so many religions and power groups coexist. a feminist perspective in India would be incomplete without inclusion of these factors.

if we speak of women being the weaker group in society, our caste problem complicates the issue: the women of the so-called “lowest” caste get the worst deal. it is tempting to say that today we are a fairer, and more equitable society than we were 200 years back. but if we pay closer attention to the plight of dalit and tribal women, we’d figure that’s quite a hollow claim. living in a city, its all too easy to be disconnected from what happens outside our air conditioned ultra-luxurious offices and homes.

while feminists globally argue over abortion and whether the legal system should be pro choice, we in India would probably first have to consider the overwhelming absence of decent reproductive healthcare for millions of Indian women, an unknown scale of domestic violence, and a terribly patriarchal society. however, in contrast to most of the world, we also have the advantage of having once had a very feminist culture – much of our patriarchal conditioning has happened only relatively recently.

I call myself a feminist because I deeply respect the feminine, and appreciate and identify with most of the feminist concerns. I do not however claim that label in the sense of being able to fluently expound all of feminist theory or being able to defend or explain all of the viewpoints encompassed by feminism! this blog is more about discussing the issues that feminism deals with, with as much of an Indian perspective as we* are able to bring in.

(*nb: the "we" is this time not a royal we, but a genuine one! - this blog is going to be fed with the ideas of 2 women and 2 men as of now. )

UPDATE: make that 3 men. the whole team is assembled :-)