A conversation I overheard sometime back between two poeple who share my office. The "she" in question is a brilliant young teacher who is, for the record, doing an excellent job of teaching a class full of dunces like me. So, of the two gentlemen having this conversation, one is in this class and the other is his friend.

One: (Returning from class looking sapped out and feeling dumber than ever. An effect the class has on most of us.) Man I am so tired.
Other: Oh you had that mechanics class. Tough eh?
One: Yeah dude! If it wasn't for the prof I would have quit ages back. She is brilliant!
Other: Really?
One: She really knows her stuff and teaches really well. She has a double honours degree and a PhD in this stuff. ( Me smiling to myself in the next room, 'cause he is echoing my thoughts) I wish I were that smart!
Other: (With the typical I-am-going-to-crack-the-funniest-joke-ever look) Well yeah, she is smart but, is she married?

For a moment I don't see the connection and then, even as the two guffaw at the "joke" of the geeky "unfit-for-marriage professor", my smile fades away.