A rose by any other name might smell just as sweet. A rape, by any other name, would not cause just as much disgust. Try this.
In India, what is the most natural substitute for the word rape when you speak in any of the Indian languages?

blackening of the face...
loss of honour...
If someone has been robbed, or beaten-up, it is an emotionless expression we find to talk about it. If someone is murdered, any words we use convey sympathy or concern (in the least).

If a woman is raped, Uh-oh... SHAME pops in. And the shame is not associated with the perpetrator of the crime. It is associated with the victim.

There is no mention of force by the doer...
No mention of physical or emotional or even spiritual trauma of the victim...
No mention of sin on the part of the doer.
Not even the remotest indication of violation of a person's identity.
Just shame.

The victim of a rape has done NOTHING to be ashamed about. Yet, the only indian words we have as equivalents, all imply a high degree of shame on the victim... and almost no mention of the perpetrator of the crime.

We are a nation of euphemisms; eve-teasing for what should be rightly called sexual harassment, tel or thailam for what should rightly be called bribery; flowers and birds for kisses and sex on the screen. We, the people of India, do give unto ourselves a culture of temperance. No strong emotions, no strong feelings, no strong words. Everything couched in less intense words; everything couched in less graphic images; everything couched in blurry thoughts.

We as a nation suffer for not being able to see a naked truth. We suffer for not being able to call a spade, a spade; or a rape, a rape. We, as a nation, will continue to suffer as long as we refuse to move the focus of the crime from the victim to the perpetrator.

'What's in a name?', you ask. Everything! A rape is matter of invasion of personal space, as much as breaking-in is an invasion of personal space. The man whose house is broken into, is not shamed. He is cheated, he is angry and he expects the robber to bear the brunt of the guilt. Justifiably so. In fact, rightly so.
The woman who is raped must by all means be eligible to the same set of feelings. The same set of emotions. Yet, the rape victim in India is allowed only one emotion. SHAME!

The SHAME is on us... that we allow this form of cruelty to continue.